Looks like Clubhouse’s monthly downloads have taken a massive hit


It’s felt like Clubhouse has been on a steady and gradual rise for a while now. Many have considered the app to be the next big thing, hence why every major social media company is in the throes of cloning it. If you take a look at some of Clubhouse’s most recent numbers, there’s been a rather extensive drop off in downloads. In April 2021, Clubhouse accumulated around 922,000 downloads. While that number may initially appear impressive, it’s certainly not all that good when you compare it to previous months.

According to analytics firm SensorTower, Clubhouse saw an incredible spike in users in February (which was roughly around the time Elon Musk made an appearance on the app) and numbers have been steadily on the decline since then. In February, the app was downloaded 9.5 million times which was a dramatic improvement over January’s 2 million downloads and yet when you begin to look past the month of love, the numbers gradually decrease.

Not joining the Clubhouse

In March, downloads were back down to 2.7 million and then in April, it didn’t even crack the one million threshold. It doesn’t paint an exceptionally encouraging image of Clubhouse but one should also bear in mind that this is pretty typical. Given the surge of popularity in the app that was brought on by the interest in celebrities, that spike in downloads could be considered an anomaly in the app’s growth rather than the norm. In fact, that’s exactly what it is was, so folks should practice some caution before labelling the company as dead.

Clubhouse still might have cause for concern. The surge in competitors, from Facebook through to Telegram, through already established mediums, means that users might be more likely to stick to what they know rather than taking a risk on an unknown platform. Even though an Android version of Clubhouse is currently in development, folks might already be deeply invested in Twitter Spaces by the time that sees a public release. Strange times indeed.

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