Two more HTC VR headsets have leaked ahead of this month’s Vivecon


HTC, once a bastion of Android smartphones, is now making VR hardware for the masses. The company has Vivecon taking place next week, from 11 to 12 May, where it’s expected to unveil some new hardware. Some of it we knew about — a fitness-focused headset called the Vive Air was leaked early by an awards website (and the company has since claimed that it’s a concept only) — and now we know a little more. Two more of the company’s headsets have turned up early.

Virtually all of HTC’s announcements

Spotted by website Protocol, the VR company has leaked two more of its headsets. There’s the Vive Focus 3 Business Edition, the title of which is self-explanatory, and the Vive Pro 2, a new bit of virtual reality gear for PC users. Mention of the headsets was found in HTC’s company documents, and they were briefly leaked on an online store called Alzashop.

The online store leak revealed a 20 May availability for the two devices, but this may not be completely accurate. It also gave pricing: €1,474 (R25,600) for the Vive Focus 3 Business Edition and €842 (R14,600) for the Vive Pro 2. Based on previous pricing here in SA, these sound about right. Unfortunately the Alzashop leak didn’t include any device specs or images, so we’ll have to wait for Vivecon to find out why they’re charging what they’re charging.

Source: Protocol



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