Bugatti made a R4 million pool table that keeps itself level so you can use it on your yacht


You know, there are few problems harder for us average Joes to relate to than being unable to play pool on your personal yacht because the ocean waves make the balls roll all over the place. But Bugatti, knowing its consumer base and having its own yacht, has created a carbon fibre pool table with a special feature to help with just that problem: gyroscopic auto-correction.

Bugatti makes more than just cars these days

The Bugatti Pool Table, created in collaboration with Spanish carbon fibre specialist IXO, looks exactly like you’d expect a luxury-car branded pool table to look like. A carbon fibre body adorned with a sleek metal frame, leather-lined stainless steel ball pockets, and a smooth blue felt surface, all of which is adorned with various Bugatti tags and brands just so you know exactly who’s responsible for it.

The table comes with a matching cue support and ceiling light, a set of carbon fibre cues, a touch screen display for keeping score, an aluminium chalk box, a cleaning brush, and a leather suitcase for transporting your billiard balls. Customers also get a USB with various videos and photos of the table’s building process.

The whole shebang will set you back $300,000 (R4,332,435) which is already a pretty penny. But for an unspecified amount more, you can kit your Bugatti Pool Table out with a self-leveling system specifically aimed at making it usable on the high seas. The table uses a gyroscopic sensor to recognise the movement of your yacht atop the waves, and then adjust its legs to keep its surface perfectly level as you play. 

As if it wasn’t enough of a status symbol already, only 30 of these bad boys are being made, so if you want one you’d better act fast. Bugatti will begin delivering its pool tables in June.

Source: CNET


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