Fujifilm and Nintendo team up to create a Pikachu-themed Instax Mini Link printer


Fujifilm makes a range of interesting camera tech, in particular its Instax range of instant cameras which are hugely popular everywhere. Less prominent is the Instax Mini Link, a pocket-sized printer designed to give you instant camera-style images from your mobile phone. Fuji’s partnership with Nintendo might just change all that.

Switch-ing to Fujifilm

Fujifilm NintendoSee, Fujifilm and Nintendo are teaming up to drop a few products. One of these is a Nintendo-themed version of the Instax Mini Link app designed specifically for the Nintendo Switch. You’ll be able to print out moments based on “…game play, screenshot of a game character or a selected moment of video” from the Nintendo Switch, using a QR code to transfer over data to the app. Once it’s been suitably tweaked, of course. The app also includes a few Ninty-themed frames for more conventional photographs.

There’s also a special edition of the Instax Mini Link on the way, which renders Fujifilm’s mini printer in a colour called Ash White (which brings to mind Pokémon trainer Ash Ketchum’s baseball cap). There’s also a Pikachu-themed silicon sleeve with the portable printer, because Nintendo knows how to put together a merchandising opportunity.

Both the app and the special edition Fuji printer are set to drop on 30 April this year. The app will be free of charge and will work with existing Instax Mini Link printers. The bundle printer has yet to be priced.


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