Capitec’s app will die soon: here’s what to do


Think back eight years and Capitec’s mobile app was one of the cleanest in the banking sector. Unfortunately, however, mobile application technologies evolve faster than dinosaurs can turn into chickens. The local bank is now urging customers to drop its old app in the bin, and opt for the new and improved app. 

Ready, Capitec

That’s mainly because support for the old banking app will cease to function come 30 April, and the bank has been sending an insane amount of SMSes urging customers to download its new app. 

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“We’re switching off our old app on 30 April,” says the bank. “Don’t worry, our new…app has everything you love and more. You don’t have to visit a branch to get it, so download our new app today for a better experience.”

The updated app is built on newer technologies that’ll allow them to implement biometric security, application integration and easier sign-ups, to name a few advantages. Sometimes older tech just isn’t compatible with newer integrations and you have to bin the whole thing and start over. 

If you’re looking for the new app in either the Google Play Store (for Android) or the Apple App Store (for iOS), head to the links or spot the word ‘new’ in the little app graphic icon. It’s called Capitec Bank and not Capitec Remote Banking. 




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