Samsung’s “most powerful” Galaxy device is coming to Unpacked on 28 April


Unpacked 2021There’s an Apple event just around the corner, which must mean there’s a Samsung event just around the corner. A new Samsung Unpacked has just been announced, and it’s awfully well-timed, as always. Hey, we don’t make the coincidences, we just see them.

At the 28 April 2021 event, Samsung’s expected to announce its “most powerful Galaxy” to date. Those are Samsung’s words, but the company tends to back up any bragging it might do. What isn’t mentioned is how every Samsung Galaxy announcement for the past… oh… four or five years has featured their most powerful device to date.

Unpacking Unpacked

The biggest question is: what device is the company announcing? Typically the company’s emphasis is on its smartphone lineup and the preview video above suggests that Samsung’s planning on shipping something… about that size. But we’re not expecting any handsets at this point in the year. Barring an early launch for the Galaxy Note 21 or a surprise handset, Samsung may have another aim in mind.

There’s speculation that there’s a Galaxy Book in the offing with one of Samsung’s own processors at its heart. This would make sense in terms of the company’s claims — it’s a little easier to ramp up processor power if you don’t have to stick the device in a pocket. Even more so if Samsung opted to populate its machines with Intel’s latest processor generation. The Snapdragon and Exynos chips are fantastic, but they’re still in the shadow of Intel’s silicon.

Samsung’s new Galaxy Unpacked event kicks off on 23 April 2021, at 16:00 SAST (10:00 ET). We’ll be keeping an eye on matters, as usual, so you can either watch with us or tune into the website where we’ll have all the highlights for you.



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