Oculus will host its first VR gaming showcase this month


Oculus, longstanding titan of the VR medium, has announced its first ever event exclusively showcasing virtual reality games on its platform. The Facebook-owned company put out an official announcement over on it’s blog, prompting plans to “Save the date”: The 21st of April.

Oculus unobscured

The event will be streamed over on YouTube, Twitch, and (naturally) Facebook at 3PM Pacific Time, which translates to midnight if you’re in SA. Better have a pot of coffee going, or else catch the highlights when the sun is up again.

An event purely for showcasing games, the same we’ve come to expect from the likes of Nintendo or Microsoft, is a first for Oculus. According to the announcement, fans can look forward to seeing, “new updates to fan-favorite titles, never-before-seen footage from some unreleased games, and a few surprises in store.”

Details are still pretty thin, but Oculus’ post makes specific reference to a handful of games and developers we’ll definitely see at the event. There’s news on the Star Wars self-insert fanfic title Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge, and the Beat Sabre meets John Wick shoot-em-up game, Pistol Whip. Oculus confirmed three developers: ILMxLAB and Cloudhead Games (developers of the previously mentioned games), along with Ready At Dawn, famous for developing a few God of War spinoffs, the PSP OG Daxter, and handful of high-scoring VR titles, namely Lone Echo, Echo Arena, and Echo Combat. A sequel to Lone Echo is currently TBA, and we’re willing to bet that said A will take place during the Oculus showcase.


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