Oppo is reportedly working on a portless smartphone


Okay, this is going to be a sentence that initially doesn’t make sense but bear with us: Oppo is reportedly developing a portless smartphone that supports… wired charging. We know, that doesn’t seem to make sense when you put it like that, but from what we’ve heard it sounds like it could be rather cool if it’s a real thing. While a portless smartphone isn’t an especially new idea (Xiaomi’s had one for some time now), those versions only supported wireless charging. Which leaves us with an obvious question: How does this actually work in practice?

The leak claims that the device will work thanks to the USB port (or “interface” if you want to be all scientific) being hidden with a, “special structural design”. While that doesn’t give all that much away, one has to assume that there’s something built into the phone that allows charging through a wire. Apple’s MagSafe functions in a similar fashion but whether or not Oppo will be going a similar route is currently unknown. Remember, this the company that’s seemingly developing a way to “air charge” your devices.

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Quite an Oppo-tunity

While the portless phone that charges with a cable is still the most interesting aspect of the report, there were a few extra nuggets of interest to come out of it. Such as the under-display selfie camera, which will eliminate all the otherwise unnecessary punch holes and notches that have become commonplace on modern smartphones. There won’t be any side buttons either; you’ll unlocking your Oppo phone and adjusting the volume (presumably) with the help of pressure sensors on the sides of the device.

If this report turns out to be true, then this could be a really snazzy little device. Of course, there might be some growing pains in the process; these all sound like relatively new ideas so they may take a while to really perfect. It’s also just a report based on a leak at this point, so pinch of salt and all that.

Source: AndroidAuthority


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