iPhone shortage strikes SA


In case you haven’t heard yet, the world is currently facing a shortage of semiconductors, ever essential to tech, and has been for a while. It’s resulted in major struggles for tech producers to steadily stock their products, affecting everything from laptops to vehicles. Now Apple is facing supply issues for several of its new iPhones, with SA customers now facing long wait times for two models in particular.

iPhone? I wish.

Apple’s latest phone line, the iPhone 12 and all of its subspecies, came out in December last year. But thanks to the ongoing semiconductor shortage Apple is battling with supply problems for the line. In South Africa specifically mobile suppliers are struggling particularly with stocking the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max.

Several networks are reporting low stock. According to Business Insider, MTN says, “The global increase in demand for both the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max has resulted in a shortage of in-country supply of these devices over the past few months”.

MTN, while still struggling to supply the Pro Max in particular, promises to, “continue to engage with Apple on a weekly basis to secure future supply and greater volumes of the device in line with our customer demand.”

Vodacom, sharing MTN’s supply struggle (giving customers a two to three week wait period for some iPhone 12 Pro models), told Business Insider that it’s been strapped for supply since launch, but is sure that “supply is improving” and that customers will have their devices as soon as possible.

Cell C and Telkom aren’t immune to the shortage either. It seems the most reliable way to grab a new iPhone is to order it directly from the iStore site, but even that won’t guarantee you sanctuary from a long wait. It all depends on semiconductors.

Source: Business Insider


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