ICYMI: Black Panther is coming to the Marvel’s Avengers game


Black Panther is undeniably awesome. Over here at the Stuff offices, we held a brief debate as to who the best Avenger was and came to the conclusion that Black Panther is at least top three (Iron Man and Spider-Man fans will never quit). So it’s a good thing that T’Challa is the next playable character coming to Marvel’s Avengers, a video game that needs more than its fair share of awesome content to keep it at all relevant.

Announced during a digital showcase held by Square Enix last night, developers Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal confirmed that the next big expansion for Marvel’s Avengers was titled War for Wakanda and will feature the iconic Black Panther as a playable character. Players will have to work with the rest of the Avengers to stop the villainous Klaw from stealing all the vibranium in T’Challa’s kingdom. Just another day at the office, really.

This expansion was meant to launch towards the end of last year but was quietly delayed to respect the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman, who played Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Black Panther is bringing some new toys

Not only will players gain access to Black Panther as a new playable character when the expansion drops later this year, there’s a wealth of other content coming to the game. Wakanda will function as a new biome for players to explore, and we can also look forward to new outfits for the heroes already in the game. There’ll also be new villains to beat up, a new outpost to browse and presumably a host of new NPCs from who’ll you’ll be able to purchase gear or just have a chat once in a while.

It’s a good thing that Marvel’s Avengers is getting this content. When we reviewed the game we were painfully disappointed in how unfun everything was thanks to an unnecessary loot system, uninspired combat and boring mission designs. Which is a pity because the single-player campaign was largely enjoyable with some real heart! Hopefully Black Panther and pounce into action and actually make us want to play again.

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