Twitter will soon let you watch YouTube videos without switching apps


No more switching apps, says Twitter, unveiling a new feature that lets you watch YouTube videos on its platform. Before, if someone tweeted a YouTube link you would automatically be taken to the YouTube app if you clicked on through the mobile app. A small bother, but vexing nonetheless.

Hooray for small conveniences, courtesy of Twitter

In-house YouTube viewing isn’t new to the platform, it’s always been a thing on the desktop site. But it’s making its’ debut on mobile, and we think it’s about time. We’re living in a world of small luxuries and fine-tuned comforts after all.

The Next Web reports that, unfortunately, the feature is still only being tested with a handful of iOS users  (in the US, Canada, Japan, and Saudi Arabia, says The Verge), but should make it’s way to the clamoring masses soon enough.

According to The Next Web this is another in addition to a series of recent Twitter updates. Just last week the ability to upload and view full 4K images on your timeline was added in.

A spokesperson told The Verge, “The current test on iOS will be a four-week experiment. We plan to take a look at the results and will scale accordingly.” Which is great, it’s standard procedure to try these things out, test for bugs and all that, but in terms of feedback we hardly think there’ll be many people complaining about a small feature built purely for convenience.

In the meantime, Twitter’s got a number of other projects cooking, including a community-based misinformation fighting team called Birdwatch, and Spaces, its own take on the increasingly popular audio-only chat app Clubhouse.


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