OneDayOnly sold a luxury apartment at a R150,000 discount


In just about two hours, OneDayOnly managed to sell a whole luxury apartment through its daily deals app. Something we’d never thought we’d report on, but here we all are. 

The apartment, located in Cape Town, sits in the higher-end complex called The Tokyo and was originally listed for R950,000. It managed pulled some strings and managed to list the property at just R800,000 through its online platform. If your quick calculations aren’t up to scratch, that’s a R150,000 saving on an apartment. 

OneDayOnly entered the chat

As always, the online retailer listed the ‘item’ at 12am, and it was sold by 02:21 this morning. Whoever spotted this deal is probably suffering from insomnia — at least they have a home now. 

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Interestingly, however, this isn’t the first property sold on OneDayOnly. In June 2020, the retailer partnered with a company called Rawson Developers and managed to sell two properties over two days — the first of which was sold by 09:00 in the morning. Both of these were also located in Cape Town. It’s also sold high-end products like a 1992 Ferrari 348 TS and 5 units of exclusive whiskey at R30k a pop.

“With our site requiring an incredible amount of agility and an ingenious buying team, we like to push the envelope where we can. The properties we sold last year during a time we were all forced to optimise our daily activity online proved a surprising success for us and with what we learned then, we hope to be able to offer our customers other ‘first time ever’ deals on our site,” says Laurian Venter, director at OneDayOnly.

If only all the overpriced Cape Town properties would receive the OneDayOnly treatment and drop a few zeros, we would all live in the coastal city. 


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