Samsung introduces “Buy and Try” for folding smartphones


You ever looked at one of those fancy Samsung folding phones and thought, “It’s cool… but I don’t know”. It’s clearly become a problem for that particular side of the smartphone producer’s portfolio as a new “Buy and Try” program is being introduced that will be applied to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G and the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G smartphones. It’s really not a complicated process; if anything it’s just a very generous trial period.

The “Buy and Try” program will allow users to purchase one of the bendy smartphones mentioned above, use it as much as they want and if they really dislike the overall experience they can return it within 100 days. That’s just under a third of a year which is a length trial period if you ask us; we usually know if we like a phone after just a month but we’ll take two more months to really settle on the idea.


Try-al Run

Samsung has confirmed that this kind of offer is the first of its kind for its range of mobile devices. While there is a return policy in place, it was limited to only 15 days. Although we should specify that still applies for everything that’s not a Galaxy Z Flip 5G or Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G.

It’s probably also important to clarify that this programme may not run in South Africa. We reached out to Samsung to see if there’s any chance of “Buy and Try” reaching our shores and were met with a resounding, “The programme/Service has not been confirmed for South Africa”.

It’s not a flat out “no”. There’s a chance it could be brought over but given how limited the market for exorbitantly expensive smartphones is in South Africa, it seems like a long shot. Still, one can only hope.

Source: CNET


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