Specs for the upcoming Vivo S9 have leaked


Vivo, a phone brand that we’ve enjoyed in the past year, has had the specs for their latest phone leaked into the wild. According to @DigitalChatStation, pulling information from Chinese social media platform Weibo, the Vivo S9 sounds like a pretty standard mid-range device with a rather exciting chipset.

The Vivo S9 will seemingly be the first phone to utilise the new MediaTek Dimensity 1100 chip which, while reportedly comparable to the Snapdragon 865, should make for a much cheaper handset. Let’s delve into what we can (supposedly) expect from the S9, not to be confused with the Samsung Galaxy S9. We really need some new names in the mix.

(Supposed) Vivo S9 Specs

According to the leaks, we can expect Vivo’s S9 to come equipped with a triple rear-camera setup as well as a dual-camera setup for the front of the phone. The selfie camera will supposedly snap pictures at 44MP, which is impressive for a front-facer. One can only imagine what kind of sensors the rear camera will be running. No, really, you have to imagine. The specs for the main arrangement haven’t been leaked yet.

The mid-ranger will also feature a 6.44-inch AMOLED display with an impressive 90Hz refresh rate. Beyond the aesthetics, it will also include a 4,400 mAh battery, 33W Flash Charge support and will clock in at 7.31mm thick while weighing 168g.

Based on that information, it seems to be a pretty standard mid-range device, with a few brighter points turning up on the spec sheet. One has to speculate at the price, given that Vivo has sourced an alternate chipset; it’ll either drive the price up or down depending on how widespread the hardware is. It’s also expected to ship with two variants: an 8GB + 3GB RAM version with 128GB of storage or as a 12GB + 3GB RAM device with 256GB of space.

Source: TechRadar



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