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Hisense Infinity H30 review: Showing off all over the place

Introducing the Hisense Infinity H30 phablet -- an unlikely mid-range competitor that really impressed us in our review time.

Stuff’s Top Five Mid-Range Phones in 2015

Why can’t every phone be a high-end powerhouse? Er… because? Because it’d be too expensive to sustain and there’d be no point in owning the newest, fastest smartphone because everything would be the same. That’s why we love the top handsets so much. But that doesn’t mean that stepping down from the front-runners to see what is coming up behind is a waste of time...[Read More]

Sony Xperia M4 Aqua

Here’s something that we haven’t seen in the Stuff offices for a while, a mid-range Sony smartphone. Coming from the Xperia pedigree but lacking that all-important Z suffix is the Sony Xperia M4 Aqua. And it’s… surprisingly impressive. But you’d have a hard time telling this mid-range Xperia apart from its beefier relative, from a distance at any rate. It’s a ty...[Read More]

Mobile in the Middle – HiSense Infinity H6 vs Acer Liquid Jade vs LG G3 Beat vs Nokia Lumia 630

We’d dearly love to be able to afford every single high-end smartphone that hits the market, when it hits the market. But that presents us with some problems. First: What would we do with them all? We could, perhaps, make a dress out of smartphones that are no longer in use and sell them to a pop star — we might be able to fund a few more phones that way. Second: How would we pay for t...[Read More]

Mozilla just made their first Firefox OS handset available for pre-order

Yesterday, open-source giant Mozilla made the Flame, the first handset developed exclusively for Firefox OS, available for pre-order. The Flame is a mid-range smartphone, and is available for pre-order at everbuying.com, with a shipping date of around four weeks. The phone itself should rack up about R1 900, excluding shipping to South Africa. The mid-range phone, and its OS, are developed with em...[Read More]

HTC will be looking at creating mid-range smartphones this year

Smartphone maker HTC didn’t have a very good year in 2013, something that was made obvious by poor sales of some very good devices, the mess that was the HTC First, as well as a few other problems that beset the company. HTC isn’t going to be taking any of this lying down, if recent comments made by executives are any indication. Speaking to Reuters, company representatives said that t...[Read More]

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