Facebook’s rumoured Android smartwatch sees the social network tackling mainstream tech again


You might not remember this, but once upon a time, Facebook attempted to collaborate on a smartphone of its very own. Known as the HTC First, it never saw launch here in SA but it’s just possible that this new rumoured item might. Facebook is said to be working on its own Android smartwatch, which would almost certainly feed even more data into Zuckerberg’s gaping servers.

Everyone else is doing it

Which, you know, fair. Google just bought Fitbit, so it’s inherited a whole mess of biometric and movement data about the people that use its products. Facebook, ever data-hungry, is also going to want a piece of that action.

Facebook’s attempt at snagging your movement info, according to a report from The Information, will revolve around messaging — because that’s what the social network knows — and health — because that’s what it wants to know about you.

It’s not known whether Facebook’s wearable would be compatible with Google’s Android Wear but it’s likely that later models of the device won’t be. The company’s said to be working on its very own OS for the device, and for others that the company might have in store. And, based on recent behaviour, it’s got other hardware in store.

Target acquired

Facebook’s been steadily pushing out hardware — the most successful is the Oculus range, which began life as a popular device before the social network bought the company that makes it for a substantial sum. There’s also the Facebook Portal suite of devices, which we still won’t trust in our homes. It may not have wholly popular appeal but it’s all a far cry from a skinned smartphone that nobody wants. And, if Facebook actually completes its own operating system, we can’t rule out them releasing a (functional) smartphone as well.

As ever, given Facebook’s history of abusing or misusing user data, we’re leery of giving the company access to even more information about us. But, if you’re already wearing a fitness tracker, you’re already handing to someone — so if Facebook brings some excellent hardware to the table, it might as well be them. We’re still not gonna… but you can. We won’t judge, or anything.



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