Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt facing ransomware cyber attack


CD Projekt has revealed that it has become the victim of a cyber attack. The Polish video game company behind The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk: 2077 released a statement yesterday describing how an “unidentified actor” had gained access to their internal network and managed to pilfer “certain data” belonging to CD PROJEKT Capital group.

In a tweet, alongside their official statement on the matter, the company shared a ransom note left behind by the actor. In the note, the hacker claims to have accessed the source code for The Witcher 3GwentCyberpunk: 2077, and an unreleased version of The Witcher 3. Additionally, the hackers claim to have accessed documents pertaining to CD Projekt’s financial, administrative, HR, and other information.

CD Projekt said

The ransom note gave CD Projekt 48 hours to contact the hackers before they would begin leaking and selling off what they claim to have gathered. The company says it will neither give in to the demands, nor negotiate with those making them. Although some devices on their network were encrypted, the company will be able to recover their data from backups. Further, the company believes that none of the compromised systems contained personal information for any players or users of CD Projekt services. They also say that they have contacted the “relevant authorities” to assist with the matter.

This hack comes in the wake of a turbulent few months for the company. In November last year they released the highly anticipated Cyberpunk: 2077, after numerous delays. The game released in a state so bad that Sony pulled the game from the PlayStation store. CD Projekt promised that it would improve the game with a series of patches, the first of which released a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, it seems like the company just can’t catch a break at the moment.

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