WhatsApp’s wants to change the way you share videos


WhatsApp hasn’t exactly been on a big winning streak this year. The Facebook-owned instant messaging app recently updated its terms and conditions that’ll require all users to share their data with Mark Zuckerberg, causing a mass exodus of users to competing apps like Signal and Telegram. Yet for those folks that stuck around, they’ll have a new update to look forward to that will… allow users to send muted videos.

That doesn’t exactly seem like the feature that’s going to win everyone back but WhatsApp seems committed to bringing muted videos to the app. Following the update, you’ll now be able to mute the videos you send to friends to ensure that they don’t look like a fool blasting the volume of whatever meme you just passed along.

The feature is currently still in beta so you’ll need to register on the WhatsApp Beta page on the Google Play Store, if you’re on Android. If you’re on Apple and want to test out the feature you’ll need to hope that you land an open space on the TestFlight program.


Does WhatsApp have anything else?

Given how many folks have swarmed away from WhatsApp, one has to imagine that the developers have some nifty tricks up their sleeves to win back disgruntled users. Right now, the biggest update in the pipeline is multi-device support that would allow users to stay logged into WhatsApp on multiple devices at once. It seems small, but the convenience is undeniable and it’s something Signal doesn’t offer (but Telegram does). However WhatsApp has been very cagey regarding when we will see such an update in the future but given all the fuss, one has to imagine it’ll be sooner rather than later.

Until that point, you’ll just need to keep logging in on every new device, which if we’re honest, shouldn’t be happening all that often right? Hey, if that doesn’t float your boat then just send a muted video.

That will definitely help ease the fear that Facebook has grabbed your information… even if the social media platform has confirmed that it’s only using the data of WhatsApp Business users. Still not great though, right?

Source: TechRadar


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  1. No cahnges are needed. Especially such ones, as it seems useless for me. They’d better care about their user’s data first not to lose all the active users. There are alternatives like Utopia p2p, which is not so popular, but promises to give a full anonymity online. Or popular Telegram, which needs your phone number and prays not to use it anywhere.. Such a hard to choice to simply be safe online.

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