M. Night Shyamalan has a new film called Old


The Super Bowl in the United States is always a massive advertising opportunity, but this year saw fewer movie trailers than usual – probably because the COVID-19 pandemic keeps on trucking. One of the exceptions, though, was the trailer for M. Night Shyamalan’s new flick, which is called ‘Old‘. Have a gander below:

Same Old Shyamalan 

The film stars Gael García Beral (The Motorcycle Diaries,Y tu mamá también and the Amazon series Mozart In the Jungle) and Vicky Krieps (The Girl In The Spider’s Web) and according to a report on Polygon, it’s based on a graphic novel by Pierre Oscar Levy called Sandcastle. In the story, a family head off on holiday to some tropical island retreat and all manner of freakiness ensues.

Looking at the trailer, Shyamalan’s adaptation of the source material revolves around the notion that family members age pretty quickly – and frighteningly – the longer they remain on the beach. It’s a neat twist on the holiday horror genre (even if it looks like it owes something of a debt of inspiration to Stephen King’s Richard Bachman novel Thinner). 

A tentative release date has been set for 23 July 2021, but whether that holds depends on what the ongoing pandemic has in store for us all.

[Source: Polygon]



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