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Avengers: Endgame is getting what’s left of the team together

April’s when we’re finally going to see what happens to a world that has experienced The Snap. Avengers: Endgame launched a very brief teaser trailer for the Super Bowl over the weekend and it looks as though everyone is having trouble coping. Especially Captain America, who seems like he’s spending time at support group meetings and is also dealing with a case of the shakes. Not that negative consequences are stopping any of Earth’s remaining superheroes from trying to get everyone back. We think. There’s certainly a lot of seriousness to go around, from Tony Stark to Thor to Rocket and anyone else who survived. As with all of our trailers today, you can watch the whole video at the link below.

Source: Marvel

But first, we’re getting some screen time with Captain Marvel

Before the Avengers come back and restore whichever puzzle pieces they can, we’re heading into the air to see what Captain Marvel can do. Also released for the Super Bowl, Marvel’s brief teaser for their March 2019 release is a little more upbeat than our sombre little headliner. Even if you’re not specifically a fan of superheroes, Captain Marvel looks to have enough action of the guns-and-planes variety to keep your pulse up. It doesn’t hurt that there’s a younger Nick Fury running around being impressed with everything Carol Danvers does — and Fury’s historically a hard man to impress. Catch the 30-second spot at the link below. Captain Marvel will be releasing next month.

Source: Marvel

Apollo 11 is lifting off soon, if you need a little space

Here’s something that’s a bit more realistic: Apollo 11, a new documentary about the iconic mission to the moon that saw man’s first footprints (that we know of) being placed on the surface of the moon. Rather than showing off any sort of artist’s impression of the space flight, viewers are going to be treated to previously-unseen footage concerning the mission and a huge number of audio recordings bringing one of mankind’s greatest journeys to life. That makes Apollo 11 a must-watch for space-race fanatics and anyone else who wonders about the effort it takes to safely land humans on a rock in space (and then bring them back in one piece). The documentary is scheduled for theatrical release ‘soon’. Whenever it launches, we’ll be watching the takeoff.

Source: Neon

This is how The Twilight Zone reboot advertised itself during the Superbowl

Man, it’s a little tough finding a proper recording of CBS’ Twilight Zone reboot Super Bowl presentation. Which is a pity because even if you’re not a fan of American men in padding running after a misshapen rugby ball, the Twilight Zone ad was pretty good. Mashing together host Jordan Peele and the stadium the football game in question was being contested in, with a suitably creepy twist, is a bit inspired. It seems the promo gave more than a few Super Bowl viewers a scared moment when they thought their signal was about to blank out. Which… was probably the point. Hopefully this reboot will make its way outside the confines of the States sooner rather than later. You listening, Netflix/Showmax?

Source: TV Guide


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