“Radically inclusive” management game, A Long Journey to an Uncertain End, takes to KickStarter


A Long Journey to an Uncertain End is an upcoming strategy and management game that puts you in the shoes of a sentient AI on the run from your abusive ex. Created by an experienced team of devs, including some who worked on Tell-Tale’s Batman: The Enemy Within and Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds, the game takes place in a future full of spaceflight, advanced AI, and sprawling high-tech cities.

If this sounds like just the thing for you, you can now support the development team via their new Kickstarter campaign, and even snag a copy for just 150 bucks. 

The game’s creators, Crispy Creative, used space operas and westerns like Firefly and Cowboy Bebop as an inspirational springboard for the various worlds you can visit in A Long Journey to an Uncertain End. Mechanics-wise, it’s a strategy/management game. You manage and expand your crew, each member of which has specific skills that you can help them develop, and give them jobs and tasks as you travel from planet to moon to space station. You’ve also got to keep an eye on resources and the morale of your team, a staple of any good story-driven strategy game.

Everyone’s included

Uniquely and excitingly, A Long Journey to an Uncertain End aims to be ”radically inclusive”, according to Crispy Creative. The game has a slew LGBTQI+ faces, fully fleshed out, not just stereotypes or caricatures that give the illusion of inclusion.

This level of care extends even to details like your crew’s preferred pronouns. Throughout your intergalactic journey you’ll interact and deepen your relationship with each of them, as you rely on them to find fuel or a safe place to land on an inhospitable planet. 

Reducing A Long Journey to an Uncertain End to just its “radically inclusive” nature is unfair, though that is certainly worth talking about. It looks to be a good game by more familiar standards, featuring charming visuals and an interesting story. 

If you feel like supporting it, visit the Kickstarter. The game is expected to release for PC in November. You can check out a demo here in the meantime.

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