Tesla’s Cybertruck may hit the road this year


In November 2019, to the sounds of shattering glass and shocked (but still timid) profanity, Elon Musk debuted Tesla’s ultra-hard, ultra-electric, and ultra-polygonal Cybertruck. Now, the Pretoria born tech giant says we might see Cybertrucks hit the open road this year.

According to Business Insider, Musk told investors that the design and engineering phases for the pickup truck (it hasn’t officially been referred to as a “bakkie”, much to our dismay) are finished, and that Tesla is currently preparing to begin production. 

Size matters


The Cybertruck is significantly chunkier than other Tesla vehicles. Tesla will have to use an 8,000-ton casting machine to build the truck. For comparison, Tesla’s Model Y electric SUV is built with a 6,000-ton machine. Tesla will begin production at it’s Gigafactory, currently still under construction in Texas, which is fitting. Everything’s bigger in Texas, so they say. Small-scale production and limited deliveries will begin later this year, and Tesla plans to begin mass-production in 2022.

Although the Cybertruck is a vehicle of the future, it certainly looks like something straight out of an old Halo game, and we’re excited to see how it contrasts against regular cars once it takes to the streets.

(Source: Business Insider)


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