If it bleeds, we can kill it – The Predator comes to Fortnite


Fortnite Predator

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. Hot on the heels of the Kickoff Set announcement, Epic Games has just added the deadly Yautja warrior, known simply as the Predator, to its growing roster of guest characters appearing in Fortnite’s Zero Point story arc. 

By levelling up the current Battle Pass, players can acquire the new Predator outfit. Additionally, players can complete Jungle Hunter quests to pick up other awesome Yautja gadgets, which include a Predator outfit with a built in bio-helmet emote, a Heat Vision Hunter Spray, a unique banner, and a new emoticon. 

“There’s something out there waiting for us… and it ain’t no man.”

Additionally, here’s a warning for timid Fortnite players: you may want to avoid Stealthy Stronghold from now on. Those seeking a real challenge, however, should make a beeline for the area because the Predator itself now lurks amid the foliage, seeking any who may prove to be a worthy hunt. Don’t go in unprepared.

The roaming boss is a tough fight, and has a unique ability: camouflage. The Predator is equipped with the iconic cloaking ability that made it so terrifying in its 1987 debut film, Predator, and will stalk players from the shadows before charging at them full force. You’re going to need some pretty heavy firepower and good aim to take down this intergalactic hunter. Once you go in, you’ve got no choppers to run to. 

The reward for beating the Predator fits the challenge. Victorious players will be able to pick up the Predator’s Cloaking Device item, which will let them become nearly invisible for 30 seconds. Overpowered? Depends on how you use it. It has some limitations that keep it from being broken, like deactivating when you equip a weapon.

The Predator is a great addition to an already exciting Fortnite season chock full of guest appearances. If you manage to get your hands on the outfit, take some cool screenshots and share them on Instagram and Twitter with the #Fortography hashtag for a chance to be featured in an upcoming blog by Epic Games. 

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