Defeat 2020 a second time in this surprisingly fun little browser game


For a year that we all want to forget, 2020 certainly has a lot of folks still thinking and talking about it — probably because it’s a year where an awful lot happened and we weren’t allowed to leave the house.

But if you’re keen on reliving the exploits of the horrible year that was, in a safe and surprisingly well detailed pixel environment, then check out 2020 Game.

2020: Take two

2020 GameThe free browser-based game isn’t especially complicated but it has been lovingly constructed to portray one of the more unpleasant years (we’re speaking for the global population as a whole, here) in recent memory. A lot happened. A whole lot happened. It’s perhaps easy to forget that we began the year with Australia on fire and that a stock market crash happened in there somewhere as well.

But 2020 Game‘s creator, one Max Garkavyy, didn’t forget. He spent six months creating the game (his first attempt at one). The result is a basic platformer (think the thing your Chrome browser does when you’re not connected to the internet) littered with visual gags about the last year, covering everything from falling stock prices to valueless oil to quarantine readiness. Check it out yourself. It’s short enough that, once it’s over, you can go back to trying to wrestle 2021 into submission.


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