Asus announces 2 new ZenBook Duos at CES 2021


One laptop-maker that’s bound to impress the world in some way or another on the CES stages is Asus, and this year’s no different. This year, Asus reimagined some of its existing hardware into a lineup that we can’t wait to experience, including two dual-display ZenBooks, a new ExpertBook and a TUF budget gaming model.  

The main feature models here are Asus’ dual-display designs that are fitted with something they call ScreenPad Plus — a full-sized display mounted atop the keyboard. This year, the Asus ZenBook Duo comes in two size variations —  the ZenBook Pro Duo 15 OLED (UX582), ZenBook Duo 14 (UX482). Both feature an adapted ScreenPad design that lifts the physical screen for a more comfortable viewing angle. 

There’s also an updated version of one of the most powerful little business machines we saw in 2020 called the ExpertBook B9. This one is by far the lightest business laptop around and features industry-leading internals. Although we saw the Asus ROG devices announced earlier this week, Asus also revealed a new budget gaming notebook in the shape of the TUF Dash. 

The Asus ZenBook Duos

When Asus first revealed the Asus ZenBook Pro Duo, the world laughed. Why would you put a massive secondary display on top of a bunch of sensitive components? Granted, the machine did get very hot under increased pressure, but this additional display works brilliantly for power-users like designers, programmers or content creators. Now, Asus is bringing us two new variations, one of which is a surprisingly portable 14in model. 

The Asus ZenBook Duo 14 features a main 14in FHD NanoEdge (Pantone validated and 100% RGB) display as well as a 12.6in ScreenPad Plus (3840×1100 resolution) that now tilts upward. This serves two functions: it provides a more comfortable viewing angle and allows better airflow for the components below. Asus has managed to pack impressive hardware into the small 16.9mm frame, like an 11th-gen Intel Core processor and Intel Iris Xe graphics (or the option of Nvidia GeForce MX450 discrete graphics). 

On to the larger model, the Asus ZenBook Pro Duo 15 OLED brings back the trusty OLED panel that we saw in the original Asus ZenBook Pro Duo. The insides are slightly different though, featuring up to a 10th Generation Intel Core i9 processor and a next-gen Nvidia GeForce laptop GPU. 

Both models feature stylus-compatibility and Asus’ new Creator Studio software developed specifically for the ScreenPad Plus. You also get Asus’ trusty Ergolift design that’ll increase airflow and cooling even more. 

The Asus ZenBook Duo 14 (UX482) will be available from mid-February in South Africa from Computer Mania, Incredible Connection & Takealot starting at R32,000.


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