Jaguar’s electric Vision GT SV is real, but you’ll only ever drive one inside Gran Turismo


Jaguar makes some pretty cool cars but one of its coolest is also one of its most unattainable. The new Jag Vision GT SV (which stands for Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV) is a new electric car from the company. But it only exists at Jag itself as a physical vehicle. For everyone else, you’ll have to wait for a digital version to turn up. In Gran Turismo, obviously.

2020 Vision GT SV

The Vision GT SV is based on the Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo Coupé and makes use to some of Jag’s Formula E tech to create an endurance racer that sends 1,400kW of power to the wheels using four motors. It’s got a top speed of 410km/h and it’ll move from a standing start to 100km/h in just 1.65 seconds. Of course, those stats are all virtual. For us, anyway. They’re only real for Jaguar.

The physical version was created as an internal design study at Jaguar, but the company’s gone into an awful lot of detail about its engines, batteries and cooling systems. It’s not immediately clear whether the physical version of the car performs exactly like its digital counterpart but that’s what you get when your vehicle “…showcases what’s possible when the traditional boundaries governing real-world car design are completely removed.”

It’s still a remarkable engineering feat, though — The Gran Turismo SV is fully modelled as a virtual vehicle, right down to aerodynamics. According to Micheal O’Regan, senior aerodynamics engineer at Jaguar SV, “All the aerodynamic features have been painstakingly optimised through cutting-edge computational fluid dynamics analysis – in exactly the same way we do with real-world projects such as the Jaguar I-TYPE Formula E race cars.”

So even though there’s a real one, you’ll need to mess with the virtual version in order to get the real experience. Only, right now, there’s no indication which Gran Turismo the car will be turning up in. Since the PlayStation 5 just launched and Gran Turismo 7 is expected out next year, we’re guessing it’ll make an appearance there.



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