After snapping your picture, Amazon will use it to craft a custom-fitted shirt


Look, if you’re really desperate for an item of clothing that frames you immaculately, then maybe just go to Pick n Pay Clothing. Turning to Amazon to make you a shirt based on a photograph seems like an excessive waste of time and cash but hey, who are we to tell you how to live your life? The “Made for You” service, which was just launched by Amazon will do exactly as the above sentence specifies.

The service essentially asks for customers to not only upload their measurements but also two photos of themselves so that a “virtual body double” can be created. Once that whole process has been taken care of, Amazon will use that information to design and create a T-shirt specifically for you. The whole process only costs $25 (roughly R368,63 at the time of writing) but considering the service is currently only available in the States, prepare for that price to at least double in shipping.

Would you send selfies to Amazon?

Let’s be honest, this whole idea sounds both creepy and scary. You might get a great new shirt out of the exchange but who’s actually willing to send actual pictures of themselves to a company all for the sake of a good fit? Amazon Made for You requests two head-to-toe portraits from the front and back as well as information such as your body type, weight and height. Most people aren’t comfortable telling their doctor that information but at least that’s a matter of health.

It seems like an idea that’s addressing a non-issue or appealing to those folks that either have too much cash or zero paranoia about this whole process. We doubt many South Africans will be making use of the service considering how difficult it would be participate but still, maybe thinking twice before an mega-corp asks for selfies. Not like they need to be accused of monopolising another industry, right?

(Source: The Verge)


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