Surprise! Among Us is now available on Switch


The game no-one expected to dominate the year has finally arrived on the best console out there. No, we’re not talking about the PS5, Among Us has just launched on the Nintendo Switch. If there was ever a way to play the game of convincing your friends that you’re not a savage imposter intent on killing everyone, it would be on the amazing hybrid console of the Switch.

You could just play the mobile version of Among Us but let’s be honest, the controls for it are fine at best and frustrating at worse. Still, the mobile version is free and you’ll still need to pay to play it on Switch but honestly, that’s what one would expect for a premium console experience: No ads.

Among Us on the Switch should be great

The only question we have about Among Us on Nintendo’s hyper successful platform is how communication will work. See, Nintendo hasn’t been all that great about adopting the internet has a gaming solution so voice chat isn’t actually built into the console. In order to communicate with your fellow crew members, you’ll need to download the mobile Switch Online app and use the voice chat function through there. It’s pretty annoying but that’s a problem with Nintendo in general, not Among Us.

Honestly, the more players who have access to this gem of a game the better. No one expected this plucky indie game (which released in 2018) to be as successful as it was. Thanks to help of Twitch and a mid-year dry spell of high-profile releases, Among Us skyrocketed in popularity. It’s easily been the biggest game of the year, which is bizarre considering its age. Still, Fortnite is also dominating the industry and look how old that is.

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