Suit up in your pyjamas for your next Zoom call


If this year’s taught us anything, it’s that ‘video off’ is the ideal way to conduct a video call meeting. Sometimes that’s not an option, however. Which is why this Japanese clothing retailer has launched something called the ‘Pajama Suit’, and we already want one.

Aoki, the absolute winners of the year that was 2020, is a Japanese retailer that saw the need for clothing that is both suitable to wear in virtual meetings and to bed. It’s the best of both worlds we always knew we needed, but everyone was too scared to take on. 

The pyjama suit looks like a suit jacket, including details like the formal cut and buttons on both the sleeves and the front. It’s made from a soft pyjama-esque fabric that makes it appropriate to slide into bed with. “While the standards for what counts as acceptable workwear have become more relaxed over the last decade or so, I think we’ve all shown up to Zoom calls in something we would never wear at the office,” The Verge explains, detailing how fitting this is for 2020 business fashion. 

It retails for a whopping $50 (which converts to about R750), which doesn’t suit every budget, but it’s a nice option to have if you’re more cash-adjacent. Honestly, this should win a prize for best pandemic-influenced invention this year. We’d back it. 


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