A Nerf version of the Mandalorian’s rifle? Yes, please.


Nerf has often gone out of it’s way to makes some truly cool collaborations in the past yet this one might just be the company’s best one yet. The Mandalorian’s unique and altogether awesome Amban Phase-pulse blaster is the latest iconic firearm to receive the foam and plastic treatment and honestly, we couldn’t be more please. Just look at the thing! It features a range of sound effects that replicate the blaster firing and recharging, a light up scope and comes with some “authentic” wear and tear to really drive home that this thing has seen some action. It’s just… so cool.

It’s not a miniature version either, this is a big gun. It measures in at 127.64cm long, meaning that your kids will have to be careful not to knock over that precious vase mounted on the countertop while they’re playing with it. Who’re we kidding, you’re not giving this to your kids. This a toy for you and they shouldn’t get their grubby hands on it.

Nerf that price though…

Even better is how it’s been designed to replicate the actual weapon in motion. To reload the gun you’ll need to cram a dart into the pop up breach to really make you feel like you’re an elite hunter just about to take down their prey.

The reason your kids will probably not be using it is because of that price tag. It’ll cost you a hefty $120, or at a flat conversion it’ll be R1815,60. Which is a lot to spend a Nerf Gun but at the same time just look at the thing! Like, it’ll probably be super ineffective if you want to blast your way around the office (if you’re lucky enough to work in such a fun environment) but as a replica that actually works, it’s really neat.

You can find it on Amazon but then obviously expect to pay those shipping fees and take the price up even more. How much of a fan of The Mandalorian are you and is it all worth it? You could always check out this neat AR experience to satiate your hungering fandom while you wait for your Nerf rifle to arrive.

(Source: The Verge)


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