Supersonic is offering free internet for new clients in December


The modern world has never deserved time off more than right now. Many businesses close for a portion of December in South Africa, including fibre network operations, or FNO’s. These are the people who install the physical fibre lines at residences and businesses. Now MTN’s fibre arm, Supersonic, is offering to cover new customers with free uncapped internet during that time. 

If new clients sign up for a fibre contract with Supersonic during December, the FNO’s may not be available to do the installation until mid-Jan, which means you’ll be sans internet for the duration of the festive season. Supersonic’s new special offer will provide new sign-ups with free uncapped internet via F-LTE (fibre-LTE), which is essentially a mobile router with LTE functionality. Because… well… you don’t have a physical line and modem installed yet. 

“This year supersonic is making this freeze period easier to handle by automatically giving every customer who orders a fibre service complimentary uncapped Home Broadband (F-LTE) to tide them over till their fibre is installed,” the company says.

Fast forward to a time when FNO’s are operating again, and your new line and modem/router combo will be installed by Supersonic’s technicians. The free F-LTE service will stay active throughout until you’re set up with trusty fibre. The special offering stands from now until 31 January, so get ordering. 

Make sure to head here and check your area’s fibre availability before having a look at Supersonic’s fibre pricing options.



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