MTN announces relatively affordable Supersonic fixed LTE packages: here they are


MTN’s fibre service provider, Supersonic, has announced new fixed LTE packages. These are available either on a month-to-month basis or on a 24-month prepaid contract and are reasonably priced, starting at R400 pm for 120GB. 

Fixed-LTE is a term used for a router with a SIM that does not move. Supersonic provides you with a SIM, that is used with a router that is ‘fixed’ to a certain location. Probs your house or office, but we’re not going to tell you where you need to base your internet. More specifically, these fixed LTE SIMs will be locked to one MTN LTE tower.

Kit up

You won’t necessarily need to own a router already with Supersonic’s new fixed LTE packages. The company is offering a package deal that includes a router for an additional R70 a month (for 24 months) on top of your data usage. Either that or you can buy one for a once-off fee of R1,700. Only selected router models are compatible, with Supersonic listing Huawei’s B525, B612 and B618 routers and ZTE’s MF286 router as options. 

The three new fixed LTE packages offered include 120GB, 200GB, or 300GB of total monthly data, each includes Anytime and Night Owl data. Pricing, as provided by MTN Supersonic, is below. 

Product Data (Anytime/Night Owl) Monthly price
120GB F-LTE 60/60GB R399
200GB F-LTE 100/100GB R599
300GB F-LTE 150/150GB R799



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