You shouldn’t pass up Spotify Premium’s annual holiday offer


If for whatever reason you haven’t got around to subscribing to Spotify Premium, you’re about to be presented with, possibly, your best opportunity of the year. Spotify has announced that its annual holiday offer has come back to give all you folks still listening to ads (which we’re sure they make purposefully terrible) a chance to grab a subscription to one of the best audio streaming services around.

According to the press release Spotify sent out this morning, you’ll be able to grab a subscription for a pretty decent price starting from today. The offer runs from 19 November through to 31 December and will allow users you haven’t upgraded yet access to three free months of Spotify Premium. If you cancel your subscription for some reason, you can spend R60 for three months of Premium, which is obviously just tempting you to opt for a full year’s subscription.


Reach for the Spotify

So what does Spotify Premium actually include? Well, the two most significant improvements include never having to listen to those painful adverts ever again. Seriously, anyone who’s been forced to listen through a playlist only to have every second followed by some obnoxiously loud and irritating advert will confirm that Premium is worth it to never hear them again.

You’re also able to download tracks, albums, playlists and podcasts through the mobile version of the app, meaning you can take your collection of music with you and not have to worry about eating through your data. Oh, you’ll also be able to skip past as many tracks as you want and use the mobile app to control the desktop app, a feature which sounds insignificant but is genuinely incredibly useful.

So if you’ve been thinking about upgrading to Spotify Premium, there really isn’t a better time than right now. Trust us, for what you’re paying it’s well worth the price of entry.


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