Stuff Magazine’s Black Friday deals for 2020 are here


Good reading material doesn’t come cheap. Until now! We’re ready to make the country’s best tech publication more accessible, more affordable and… absorbable?

Get access to premium tech content in the form of a whole year’s worth of Stuff Magazines. It’s the most fun you can have with your reading glasses on, no doubt! To make the deal even more drool-worthy, there are two options to choose from!

As a side note, Stuff is happy to announce that we’ll be producing 6 print issues in 2021. We’re happy because this means each issue will be packed with more valuable content for readers to consume. Starting with Feb/March 2021 running up to Dec/Jan 2022, these issues will run bi-monthly.

Pick your poison

  • 50% off Stuff Print Subscription for 1 year (6 issues) – R148,50
  • 25% off Stuff Print Subscription for 1 year and get a free Digital Subscription (1 year) – R222,75

Some of you may be more inclined to invest in good old print. Choose this option if you’re a collector… of any kind. It’s just nice to feel the pages turn in your hands after you’ve paid for it. It’s yours. Forever. If this is you, opt for the 50% off option, which will materialise Stuff print issues in your postbox every two months. 

The next deal is something new — and we know you like new things. It’s a two-for-one that will drop a year’s worth of print copies in your lap as well as give you a full year of digital issues for mahala. The best part? The print sub will only cost R222,75 — 25% down from the full subscription cost. 

Fill out the form and we’ll get you in touch with our subs department. For any enquiries, email or throw some gang signs in the direction of Johannesburg. Brad is sure to pick them up. 



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