Apple unveils new 13in MacBook Pro with its M1 processor


We’ve heard a great deal about Apple’s new range of Mac machines but the one we’re most excited about is the new, updated MacBook Pro. The first MacBook Pro to be equipped with Apple’s new M1 chip and Big Sur MacOS, the specs seem to be off the charts. So what exactly does the MacBook Pro do? Well, let’s break down some of those specs.

The M1 chip is bringing some pretty impressive leaps forward for the Pro. The new CPU is up to 2.8x faster than previous generations and the GPU is capable of running at 5x the speed of last years model. The redesigned active cooling system allows the notebook to stay cool even when running several intense programs at once. That’ll be… so nice!

The MacBook Pro will also feature an SSD of up to 2TB storage space for ultra-fast loading and will feature up to 16GB of RAM. It’ll also support Wi-Fi 6 connectivity and USB 4.0, something we didn’t expect at all. What about ports and connections? Well, the new Pro comes equipped with both Thunderbolt and USB 4.0 connections, so you shouldn’t have to wait all that long for files to transfer to wherever they need to be.

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro-fessional movie watcher

According to Apple, the new MacBook Pro is up to 3x times faster than a Windows PC of a similar build. That means the Pro is the world’s fastest compact notebook, which is quite the statement. And battery life? Yeah, this thing will offer 17 hours of web browsing and 20 hours of video playback (apparently), perfect for those long load shedding nights.

The new Macbook Pro is coming in at $1,300 but we’re not yet sure of what to expect in terms of local pricing. We do know that they’ll be available next week, according to the American man on the stream so one has to assume that South Africa will get them in the near future and that they’ll probably be pretty expensive.


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