Entering the space age – Black Ops: Cold War will require a load of space on next-gen consoles


The file sizes for Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, on the upcoming consoles from Sony and Microsoft, have been revealed by Activision and they’re massive… shocking absolutely no-one. While fans are excited to return to an authentic Black Ops experience (no one liked Black Ops IV) what most are interested in beyond faster load times and ray-tracing tech is how much storage space they’ll need. Call of Duty has had a rough year in terms of storage space. The standalone battle royale mode Warzone was criticised for its ludicrous file size, clocking in at over 200GB.

While Black Ops: Cold War isn’t at that level it’ll certainly require a decent chunk of your hard drive. For PlayStation 4 players, the game will require 95GB of storage space while Xbox One users get off slightly better at 93GB. And that’s before the first updates roll out.

Black Ops

Black Ops goes big and goes home

But it’s the next generation where the storage requirements truly ramp up. If you’re planning on playing Black Ops: Cold War on PlayStation 5 you’ll need 133GB of free space. As for the Xbox Series X/S, the game will take up 136GB. That’s a lot of space when the Xbox Series X ships with capacity of 1TB and the PlayStation with just 825GB.

The players we actually have to pour one out for are those on the Xbox Series S. The console ships with a 512GB SSD, of which reportedly 364GB is actually usable. That means that Black Ops: Cold War will take up around a third of the total storage.

PC players can rejoice though, as Activision released some information on the recommended requirements for Black Ops: Cold War. The install size of the game is down to 82GB and if you just want to play the multiplayer, that’ll only be 35GB. Nice to see some kind of improvement, right?

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