MTN announces new data deals — like 25GB for R600


There’s nothing sweeter than a lekker data deal. South Africans fought their hands to the bone a year ago with the #datamustfall campaign. Following this, the Competition Commission ruled that mobile networks need to adjust pricing. They all did. But now MTN has announced some new big deals to try and convert more mobile users to its network

Today, MTN announced its new data and voice plans tailored for the South African user. By that, we mean that they’re cheaper than before — something all South Africans can celebrate. These new “Mega Plans” contracts offer a few advantages: like 25GB/month of data and 200 minutes of voice for R600/month on a SIM-only month-to-month contract.

It may be the cheapest data you can get from a major network on contract currently, unless you look at the internet’s favourite data-only network Rain, which charges R50 per GB. That means you can get a total of 30GB for the same amount of money from Rain, but MTN sweetens the deal with some voice minutes. 

MTN also announced a 1,500-minute voice plan for people who can’t lay off the calls. This one includes just 8GB of data for R600/month. On all of these options, customers can decide to add a device at an extra cost or not, while contracts vary from 24-month to 36-month options. 

Here are the MTN Mega Gigs data deals:

  • R130: 2GB + 25 minutes of voice
  • R200: 4GB + 50 minutes of voice
  • R200: 8GB + 75 minutes of voice
  • R400: 12GB + 100 minutes of voice + a R30 international calling bundle
  • R600: 25GB + 200 minutes of voice + a R30 international calling bundle

Here are the Mega Talk voice deals:

  • R130: 100 minutes + 500MB data
  • R200: 240 minutes + 1GB of data
  • R300: 500 minutes + 2GB of data + R30 international calling bundle
  • R400: 700 minutes + 5GB of data + a R30 international calling bundle
  • R600: 1,500 minutes + 8GB of data + a R30 international calling bundle

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