You can stream Xbox One games to your iPhone thanks to the new Xbox app


Streaming video games is the next big thing. We’re not talking about watching others play games on Twitch, we’re talking about actually playing a game that’s being streamed to a device you own. Google has been trying to get everyone on board with Stadia, a service that allows you to purchase a game and stream it to your TV while it’s being run on a computer… somewhere else. Stadia isn’t exactly a success but that’s more down to the service model being completely garbage. The actual tech was solid. Fortunately, Microsoft’s new Xbox app on Apple’s App Store isn’t anything so complicated. It just streams your games directly from your console to your Apple device.

Previously, the new Xbox app was only available for Android devices but as of yesterday, Microsoft’s app has been added to the Apple App Store. The Xbox app allows iPad and iPhone users to stream their Xbox One games from their console to their Apple devices, which is great if you have a solid internet connection and want to continue playing Assassin’s Creed while you’re sitting on the loo.

It’s about time Microsoft added a Remote Play function to the App Store. Sony has had a similar app available on the App Store and Play Store for some time now.

Xbox app

What else does the new Xbox App do?

The new Xbox app comes with some cool features outside of Remote Play. If your Apple device is connected to WiFi, LTE or 5G, you can interface with your Xbox One. You can turn it on without even being in the same place and navigate through the menus, useful for if you want to check if you’re downloading the latest update for a game you’re hoping to play that evening.

The arrival of the Xbox app on iOS mirrors the launch of the app on Android devices a few weeks ago. So if you’re keen on the idea of playing your Xbox One games and (eventually) Xbox Series X games on your iPhone, now’s your time to shine.

(Source: The Verge)



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