Ring security kit is available in SA — here are the prices


We’ve covered our fair share of Ring security kit, but one thing’s always been missing – local availability. Although it’s not that much of a schlep ordering kit online, it’s just far more convenient having it right here on our doorstep. 

We’re happy to announce Ring security cams are officially available in SA, and we have local pricing on some of the products. Maybe we’ll get the flying security guard soon? 

All of Ring’s security products are fitted with HD cameras and connect directly to smartphones using the Ring app. There hasn’t really been another brand in SA that has the seamless connectivity and app accessibility as Ring, so it’s nice to finally have that option in a country where security is always at the top of the priority list. 

The best part? They’re super easy to install, come with onboard batteries for when load shedding hits in some devices and start out at R1,300. Here are the options. 

Video Doorbell 3


Probably the best video doorbell on the market today — Ring’s next-gen Doorbell costs just as much as its predecessor, but features some impressive updates. Some enhancements include improved motion detection, a near motion zone that can activate when someone is anywhere from 1.5 – 4m from your front door. Its Pre-Roll technology can record up to four seconds before you receive an alert, which is a neat addition. 

Video Doorbell Pro


Interested in something a bit more comprehensive but not keen on spending R8k on the Elite Doorbell? This one’s got some robust features that’ll pimp up your security system for sure. The Doorbell Pro is a hardwired doorbell with some advanced security features like 1080p video, custom motion zones, pre-buffering to capture what was going on before the motion sensor was triggered, support for Alexa voice commands, and interoperability with other smart devices via IFTTT. 

Video Doorbell Elite

Normally R9,500, special price R8,000

So you’re ready to go all-out, yeah? Sometimes you just can’t skimp on security. Lucky for you, the Ring Doorbell Elite is on special on the local Ring store at the moment, down from almost R10k to R8k. With this full-house kit, you get a bunch of security features. The Doorbell Elite connects via Ethernet for the best connection possible, captures HD footage, has night vision, advanced motion detection, custom motion zone capability, could storage access and Alexa compatibility. 

Spotlight Cam Battery


Ring also offers this one in a wired option, but knowing South Africans and their problem — we’re gonna go ahead and suggest this one. This battery-powered security camera featured LED spotlights, a 1080p HD camera and even a siren. It’s like a droid stuck to your wall that yells at people who shouldn’t be there. Neat, no? It also features a wide-angle lens, and like all of the Ring kit, connects directly to the Ring app which will alert you if someone’s snooping. 

Indoor Cam


If someone can manage to get into your house, it’s over you say? No, it’s definitely not. Ring’s Indoor Cam, which also happens to be one of the cheapest options, is probably one of the most important ones. With this little guy installed, you’ll be able to check on your house contents when you’re not at home. It also features HD video, two-way talk actions and motion-activated notifications sent directly to the Ring app. They’re also tiny enough to hide in small spaces and to place in each room. 



Want to hold onto that old-school nostalgia of a proper door chime? Luckily, Ring even has you covered in that department. If someone gets up to your gate and presses the Chime button, you’ll be notified via the app. Chime can also be connected to your existing security system, doorbell and cameras. 

Solar Panel – Spotlight Cam Battery


Probably one of the most adorable solar panels we’ve ever encountered — and it’s made for your tiny wall droid. One of the things Ring gets is that no power may prompt more people to try and gain entry into places. So better get those backup batteries mounted and ready. Its solar panel device is perfect for the wall-mounted outside cameras, and it’s available on the SA Ring store too. This little guy will keep the camera running full-time without the need for wall power. 


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