Worms Rumble open beta starts 6 November, takes franchise in… weird… direction


At some point every South African has come into contact with the Worms franchise. Mainly because it was in every single Spur and/or Wimpy and everyone had at least one friend with one of the games. The classic turn-based combat game has made a name for itself by just being a whole load of fun and it’s been a while since the series really added much to the established formula. Which isn’t a bad thing. Don’t fix what isn’t broken, right? Well, clearly Team 17 was growing a little tired with Worms and have done something a little different to their norm…

Worms Rumble is the classic Worms experience… except it’s actually not because it’s a true-blue battle royale, like every other major franchise. Truth be told, a battle royale mode for Worms isn’t a terrible idea since the whole premise of the original game is to be the one with the last worm(s) standing. It’s just that Worms Rumble is doing more than just changing up the game’s main form of competition…

Is this real time, or is this just fantasy?

The biggest change comes in the form of real-time combat replacing the turn-based action Worms is known for. It makes sense given the speed and dexterity needed in a battle royale setting; with many players going head-to-head. Turn-based combat could take hours. How real-time chaos combat works in practise… that’s something we don’t know.

What we do know about Worms Rumble right now is that it is launching on PS4, PS5 and Steam and will offer full cross play functionality so you can play with friends that might have it on a different platform. The game will feature that much lauded battle royale mode (which includes a solos and squads option) and a standard deathmatch. We also know that the open beta for the game starts on 6 November, just under a month before the game launches on 1 December, 2020.

Developer/Publisher Team 17 dropped a trailer for the game last night and it looks like utter chaos but in the best way possible. The Stuff team are all major fans of Worms so we’re excited to be able to play this around the office (ignore that last sentence, Brett).

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