This Google filter will turn your face into a work of art, kinda


Great artists weren’t born great artists. They each did something memorable, beautiful or amazing and now their art is highly recognisable. So, just to make us feel bad about not accomplishing greatness quite yet, Google rolled out an AR filter that’ll turn you into a Van Gogh or Frida Kahlo painting. 

Google’s latest update to its Art & Culture app brings some intriguing art filters to users. The filters give you the ability to transform your mug into artworks created by famous artists, painted in their signature style. The feature makes use of 3D-modeled augmented reality tech that maps your face. 

Arty Farty Google

The filter maps the basic lines of the user’s face and sticks a hyper-realistic filter of art or ancient artefacts onto it. This is done using Google’s advanced machine learning image processing tech — and you were worried it would enslave humanity. It’s going to art class first. 

The app tracks head movements, to keep the filter on the object as steady as possible. Obviously, there will be hiccups, but it’s a neat app to play with if you’re an art aficionado. 

To access the filters, simply download and open the Google Art & Culture app, and tap ‘Art Filter’. You’ll be greeted with a carousel, giving you a few art options to stick on your face. 

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