Nokia announces new devices, including 2.4 and 3.4 mid-rangers


It’s strange how we can still muster up our excitement for a Nokia event. Once the phone industry leader, now Nokia lies somewhere in the middle, but not for lack of trying. 

The company still delivers some of the best budget- to mid-range devices in the market. And we’re happy to see two updated devices in the mid-range, featuring cool specs, impressive design and the good old Nokia flare for not much cash. Which is always a bonus. 

The Nokia 2.4

Coming in with a big 6.5in HD display, the Nokia 2.4 improves on its predecessor with slightly better specs. Here you’ll find a fingerprint sensor around the back, as well as a very intriguing textured body. Finally, budget devices should move away from the fingerprint-laden shiny backs about now. 

The best part? It’ll be one of the first Android devices that’ll come to market Android 11-ready. Which means, as Android 11 rolls out, Nokia 2.4 users will get it. 

The camera also doesn’t really hold back for a budget device, eh. It features a dual-camera setup with a 13MP main sensor as well as a depth sensor. The camera features Nokia’s new AI camera features which allows for improved bokeh-portrait shots and improved AI night mode. It’s also fitted with a 4,500mAh battery keeping things up and running. 

The Nokia 3.4

Although slightly smaller at 63.9in HD+, the Nokia 3.4 has some great improvements from the previous 3-series device. It’s the first Nokia device with a hole-in-display selfie cam, which is an achievement in and of itself these days. 

The camera also features a 13MP main sensor as well as a 5MP ultrawide sensor backed up by a depth sensor. Its got the same AI tech found in the 2.4 onboard which gives you bokeh-portrait mode, improved low-light capabilities in night mode as well as the ultra-wide camera option. 

It’s powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 mobile platform, is Android 11 ready and comes with both Google Assistant and the Android One promise. 

No local pricing yet

So although we don’t have local pricing yet, we know that the Nokia 2.4 converts to about R2,400 while the Nokia 3.4 converts to about R3,200. Obvs this will change as the products are brought into the country. All the new devices come in three colour options: charcoal, fjord, dusk. Fjord is like a purple-y colour while dusk is like light grey. 

Nokia also announced its new Nokia Earbuds Lite earbuds, which are IPX7 waterproof, as well as a Nokia Portable Wireless speaker a bunch of phone cases as well as the Nokia 8.3 in 5G config.


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