Watch the first trailer for Wandavision as Marvel gets weird


It’s time for your monthly Marvel update folks. Now, while the other writers here at Stuff may enjoy the occasional Marvel movie (I know Brett and Marcé are both fans), the onus falls on me, the designated comic book dork to update readers on all things superhero, movie or otherwise. Hence why I’m checking in with you today, to bring you an update on what seems to be one of Marvel Studios seemingly more bizarre productions. Wandavision was teased a while back and while details on the show, which will be coming exclusively to Disney+, are still sparse the trailer released yesterday gave us a better understanding of what kind of tone we can expect. Heads up, it looks super weird.

Which is certainly not a bad thing given the source material Wandavision is seemingly pulling from. The teaser trailer goes back and forth between some idyllic 1950’s inspired TV sitcom, equipped with a sound stage and black and white colour palette, and a more modern setting that features the characters donning some classic outfits and interacting with some familiar faces. Set after the events of last year’s Avengers: Endgame, this new series will mark the start of Stage 4 of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. We know it’ll tie into Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness in 2022 and it currently features Kat Dennings reprising her role as Darcy from the Thor movies.

So from what is Wandavision pulling from? Well, from the looks of things it’s drawing from The Vision by Tom King and mostly from House of M by Brian Michael Bendis. House of M follows Scarlet Witch, played in the MCU by Elizabeth Olsen, as she undergoes a mental break down and attempts to rewrite the fabric of reality in an attempt to revive her recently deceased children. Now, if you’ve been keeping up with the MCU, you know that Vision died in Infinity War and he and Scarlet Witch were… a thing. So that could explain why he’s someone alive again.

That storyline seems to be meshed up with Tom King’s Vision which is a story about the synthetic AI, played by Paul Bettany, attempting to live a quiet life as a husband in a sleepy suburb with his family… which he builds on his own design. It’s weird, it’s profound and it’s beautifully written so the fact that Wandavision seems to be leaning so heavily on its aesthetic tickles me a great deal.

As we said earlier, Wandavision will only be available on Disney+… which you can’t get in South Africa yet. Still, there’s always a way, right? We’re not going to say what the way is but there’s definitely one. Wandavision is planned to debut in December of this year.

(Source: ArsTechnica)


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