EXPLORE Data Science Academy learnerships for 2021 are now open for registration


Take our word for it, getting into the field of science is one of the coolest career paths you could set yourself on. Whether you’re breaking boundaries in chemistry or crunching some important numbers that could lead to some medical breakthrough, fresh faces are always needed in the fields of science because that’s what keeps us pushing forward and developing as a society. If you’re a young person looking at embarking into the field of discovery, then you might want to pay attention to this. EXPLORE Data Science Academy has announced that registrations for its 12-month fully-sponsored data science learnerships for 2021 have just opened.

Now, there aren’t restrictions on who can enter but you should be between the ages of 17 and 35 and will need to pass what is apparently a rather tough aptitude test on the academy’s website. Which makes sense, right? Gotta make sure you can actually do all the sciency things before someone sponsors you all that cash to make an entrance into the field. EDSA has announced that several hundred learnerships will be made available across campuses in Joburg, Durban and Cape Town.

“Our learnerships are distinguished by their focus on solving real-world business problems. We teach our learners to work in teams to solve problems using the latest data science and machine learning technologies that prepare them for the world of work,” said EXPLORE Group CEO Shaun Dippnall. “At EXPLORE, we’re reinventing education by teaching skills that are relevant, practical and highly employable.”

According to the press release sent out by EDSA, the students that come through their doors find their place in the working world with astonishing consistency. According to their statistics, of the 211 students who signed up at the beginning of 2019, 93% of them passed while “77% have been placed in employment to date.” Those are some impressive stats if you ask us.

What about COVID-19? Won’t that have made teaching such an intense course even more challenging? “Given our experiences in 2020, EXPLORE now offers robust, resilient and flexible teaching systems for virtual full-time study in the event that future restrictions prevent students from safely resuming on-campus studies,” says Dippnall. Well, then that shouldn’t be an issue.

If the above sounds like a promising idea to you and you want to register to be considered for a position in the 2021 crop of students head on over here.


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