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In the Stuff offices, two out of the three staff writers that support and maintain all the daily content on our website use Huawei devices as our main phones. Those same two writers often get lost on their way to meetings and events and I’m here to tell you that those two facts are not simple coincidences. Fact of the matter is navigation apps on Huawei phones, ever since the Google Ban of 2019, have been less than stellar.

Sure, you can use the workarounds to download Waze but it would just be a whole lot better if those navigation apps were right there on Huawei’s App Gallery. Well, that’s a problem that’s been solved as the best navigation app, TomTom Go Navigation is finally available on the App Gallery.

Now, you could previously get Here WeGo on Huawei devices but it’s not the best navigation system if you ask us. TomTom Go Navigation on the other hand is an app that we can recommend hands down. Beyond the fact that TomTom is a recognisable brand when it comes to GPS navigation, TomTom Go Navigation has some of the best features that can’t really be found in other apps. With an offline mode to save data and 3D maps being stored on the device to ensure the user is more aware than ever, it’s a great way to find out where you’re going if you’re stuck in a strange place.

But that’s quite a normal feature these days, along with the usual online benefits such as traffic and speed camera warnings, as well as the coolest feature exclusive to TomTom Go Navigation: lane management. The app is able to dictate which lane the driver should be in to optimise routing as it takes into account congestion and available off-ramps. Of course, the only downside to this name-brand app is that it isn’t free, costing $12.99 for a year, $8.99 for six months and $1,99 for a single month. It does come with a free 30 day trial period though!

TomTom Go Navigation is a major pull for the Huawei App Gallery as it finally broadens the range of navigation apps available to users. Better yet, Huawei has confirmed that it’s collaborating with TomTom to develop it’s own proprietary navigation app but we don’t know much else beyond that at this point.

(Source: Forbes)


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