Cabin fever – Take a tour of the inside of Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship


If you want to go to space you either need a pilot’s license and several degrees (as well as American citizenship) or one heck of a lot of money. Virgin Galactic has long been after the second category of space tourist, as the company hopes to take passengers to the edge of space where they can experience weightlessness, before returning them home safely.

And in case you thought it has abandoned its ambitions, the company just revealed what the cabin of its Spaceship craft will look like. If you’re paying $250,000 for a ticket to space, you kinda want to see where your money’s going. And that money is paying for a whole lot of windows.

Take a look around

A whole lot of windows, and chairs that wouldn’t look out of place in a video game live stream. They’re made from aluminium and carbon-fibre, by UK firm Seymourpowell, and each seat will be individually sized for passengers. Can’t have you being uncomfortable while you’re rocketed out to the edge of space at a little under 3Gs, after all.  Each seat includes a digital display at its rear, so every passenger can see what’s going on as they slip the bonds of Earth.

Under Armour is responsible for the fabric in the seats, which incorporate “…a 3D knit featuring constructions that map breathability and function into the fabric encasing each cabin seat to provide comfort and mobility during spaceflight.” The clothing company is also making the spacesuits for Virgin Galactic passengers, as it happens.

The video above goes into a lot of detail about the design of the Spaceship but if you’re only keen on checking out the interior, jump right to 21:55. Everything from the seating choices to the inclusion of sixteen cameras (so you don’t waste your time trying to record stuff for Insta) is covered, with a soothing soundtrack that is perhaps a little less exciting than actually going to space. There will probably be a little more screaming on the day. Hopefully the good kind.


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