Android 11 is apparently Red Velvet Cake, which seems totally normal for 2020


Yes, yes, we know that the last dessert-themed Android OS was Android 9 Pie. Perhaps because Android 10 Q is really hard to find a sweet treat for (but actually because Android is a global thing and desserts are… not as universal as numbers). But upcoming launch Android 11 has a cake-themed codename, based on the letter ‘R’. According to Android’s vice president of engineering Dave Burke, the internal codename for the OS is RVC or Red Velvet Cake.

Everything is cake

If you were on social media at all in the past few weeks, you’d have seen folks going nuts over all sorts of things that look normal but are actually cake. This announcement might seem conveniently timed in the wake of that but, last year, Google did confirm that it would continue using letter/dessert designations internally when it announced that its public releases would all be numerical.

If you’re in the mood for something a little more meaty than red velvet cake, Burke also revealed during his chat with All About Android that there are new features heading to the OS that haven’t been seen in the beta yet. Which probably means there are folks picking the code apart line-by-line, trying to figure out what those features might be.

Source: All About Android via Droid Life


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