Pick up Watch Dogs 2 for free this weekend by simply tuning in to a livestream


In a world that’s very much slowly turning into the digital wasteland envisioned by the Watch Dogs franchise, now might be the best time to go back and play one of Ubisoft’s best open-world games. I’m not talking about the original 2014 Watch Dogs because that game suuuuuuuucked.

Instead, I’m referring to 2016’s Watch Dogs 2, a game that built on and improved nearly all of the negatives of the first game. It’s still a bit pricey, as I’m sure you’re aware but Ubisoft has proven to be fairly generous with its older titles in the past which is the case with the hack-em-up that nearly everyone enjoyed.

Watch Dogs 2 is all about hacking into stuff, taking out tech corporations who’re up to shady stuff and living the life of a hardcore hacktivist who also does parkours and has a friend who only ever appears in a silly light-up helmet. Just looking at the game’s setting and characters, it’s easy to pass it over as being ridiculously unself-aware in an attempt to appear cool, yet it’s actually a really decent game driven by characters far deeper than you’d expect from the outside.

While you might have to pay a little cash to access the game on any other weekend, that won’t be the case this weekend. Ubisoft will be handing out free copies of Watch Dogs 2 for every person that tunes into their Ubisoft Forward stream on Sunday. The event is meant to replace their annual E3 press conference and will feature the company showing off their hottest upcoming games.

During the showcase, Ubisoft is expected to show off Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Watch Dogs: Legion, a rumoured new Farcry game and some other projects we’re not entirely certain about. So if all of that sounds interesting (and you want a good game for free), be sure to tune in to Ubisoft Forward at 9 PM on Sunday, 12 June.

(Source: Eurogamer)


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