You can trade in your old Apple devices at the iStore. Here’s how much they could be worth


One of the more unexpected problems of the modern age of technology that we live in is what to do with the phones we accumulate over the years. There’s probably a forgotten drawer filled with useless old phones you don’t need to keep around but…what else are you meant to do with them? They cost a small fortune when you bought them so to just throw them away feels wrong. Right? While all your old Androids might have to hang out a little longer, those classic Apple devices you’ve got gathering dust can now be traded in for a little extra cash, if they’re in absolute pristine condition.

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If you want to trade in your old devices, there’s two ways to go about it. You could just take it into your local iStore and have a consultant look over your old devices or if you’d rather practice some social distancing, you can do the whole process online. Your device will undergo a remote diagnostics test and you’ll have to answer some questions relating to the exterior quality of the device but if you accept the offer, a courier will swing around to your place and collect your trade-in.

But the big question is how much everything is worth, exactly. Happily, iStore has set up a handy little online portal that lets you plug in what device you’re looking to trade in. Do that, and out pops out the value. You’ll have to answer some questions as to how well it works and what condition everything is but that’s as simple as flipping a little tab. But, for accurate answers, you’ll have to be honest.

To give you some idea on what you can expect, a secondhand iPhone 5S will net you R320 while an immaculate, top-of-the-line iPhone 11 256GB is worth R8 451. Look, that’s a damn sight less than the R22 500 a new iPhone 11 256GB will cost you but it’s something, we guess. While a first-hand MacBook Pro costs around R40 000, you’ll be able to trade one in for R20 000. That roughly what you can expect from the trade-in service.

The online portal is easily accessible to everyone so if you’re at all intrigued head on over here and plug whatever product you want to investigate in the search bar and prepare to be slightly disappointed.


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