A handy guide on how to avoid foggy glasses while wearing a mask


Glasses can be a cruel and harsh mistress, providing those folks that can only see to the tip of their noses with the blessing of clear sight while also making staying safe during these times of pandemic just a little more annoying than they should be.

Wearing a mask and glasses at the same time can make one misty-eyed with the condensation forming on those lenses and that just sucks. Fortunately for you nerds out there who need to wear classes, The Verge was kind enough to sketch out a guide on how to stop your lenses from fogging up while wearing a face mask and we thought we’d share.

I’m sorry for the nerd comment. I’m the only person in the office that doesn’t need glasses and sometimes I find myself corrupted by my unparalleled power. [What Brad means is that he feels left out sometimes — Ed.]

Cross that nose bridge when you get there

The easiest way to ensure your glasses don’t mist up is to purchase a mask with a nose bridge. Many masks just have an open space at the top of which not only makes them less effective at retaining moisture (and thus, worse at not spreading the virus) but also pushes most of your breath up onto your glasses, clouding your vision. A mask with a nose bridge eliminates this problem and is also safer than one that doesn’t cover your nose.

If you can’t find a place that sells this specific kind of mask, you can give your mask a nose bridge by just sliding some pipe cleaner into the seam and bending it at an angle that comfortably fits your nose.

Get over it

Perhaps the easiest way to avoid The Mist is to just pull your mask up higher than usual so it sits more up your nose than usual and then wear your glasses over the mask itself. To enhance this little tip even more, because it might prove a little ineffective if that’s all you’re doing, lay a tissue under your mask and over the bridge of your nose. That should absorb a lot of the escaping moisture before it makes its way over to your glasses.

Put the soap in the basket

The idea behind this tip might seem weird but it does actually work! In fact, Stuff editor Brett swears by it! So redirect all confused comments to him and not me, I’m just the messenger. Just take the smallest drop of soap or shampoo, one that isn’t made with lotion, and gently rub it over your glasses. Once it’s been firmly rubbed in, let it dry naturally or very carefully clean them off. Do not use water when clearing it off.

How this works is that the soap leaves behind a very thin transparent film that resists water, meaning that all the moisture pouring out of your nostrils won’t take hold on your glasses. You might think it’s science, but it’s actually magic. Trust us.

(Source: The Verge)


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